Who I Am and Why I’m Here (Blogging 101)

Who am I? My name is Alexander Kenneth Wiens. Weeenzy. I was born in Santa Rosa, California. I was named after the two most important men in my mother’s life: my father, Kenneth, and her father, James Alexander.

I grew up in a town of 95 people: Loch Lomond, California. Tree to person ratio was about 1 million to 1. I was an excellent student in elementary school. Top of my class. 2nd place at the school spelling bee, 3rd place at county (and they gave me the wrong list of words to study, but that’s another rant for another day). I was ranked 7th in California for math proficiency at one time. All of that went straight down the toilet in middle school, girls, friends, and video games were more important.

When I was a freshman I was diagnosed to be growth hormone deficient. Then, just 4’9″, I injected HGH into my body for 4 years. I am now close enough to 6 foot that I just tell people I’m 6 foot. The short life is long gone now.

I graduated May 2014 from William Jessup University with bachelors degree in Business Administration and Management. I learned a few things, but really, I just did it for the piece of paper I get to hang up.

Presently, I work at a company that is shaking up the financial tech industry. My job is a dream come true. I get to wear a hoodie to the office, I have all the freedom I could ask for, and they have free chocolate milk for me whenever I want it.


Why am I here? Because I refuse to move farther and farther into a technology age without establishing a name, brand, following, and place for myself. I want to connect to people all over the world. I want to be better, in every way. I want people to learn from me and I want to learn from them.

It’s hard to contain my thoughts and verbal spatterings to 140 characters, and I’m not that great at taking photos, even though I love it. Writing/blogging is my shit. I feel a new part of my mind open up when I write, and I find that I much more aware of everything when I know I could be writing about anything at any second.

I write about my life experiences and what I hope will happen for me in the future. I write about my passion for technology and the way it connects us all. I write about how badly I want to be a father in the very new future. I write because I can.

I enrolled in WordPress’ Blogging 101 and Photo 101. Any post you see with (Blogging 101) or (Photo 101) means that WordPress suggested it to me.¬†Anything without it – that crap came straight from the gut.


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