The Eternal Student

Other than a murderer, an eternal student is the worst thing you can be.

The eternal student is the person that spends all the time in the world studying something without ever putting it into practice. I have done this multiple times and I’m sort of doing it again right now.

I’ve fallen in love with photography more than once. Both times, I wanted to arm myself with as much knowledge, tips, and tricks as I could. My first jump into photography came in the form of a class at the local community college. Before then, I had had a couple of digital cameras but really just used them for making stupid movies with my friends. It was in that class that I started to really see how awesome taking pictures could be. I started studying.

I learned a lot. I put into practice nearly nothing. I got a B in the class, and I took all the pictures last minute and stopped shooting the second that class was over.

A while later, I purchased a dSLR. A pretty penny. I watched a shitload of youtube videos to teach myself…and I MAYBE pressed the shutter button 50 times.

Being an eternal student is living the opposite of the saying “Stop Dreaming, Start Doing.”

Right now, I’m really into social media marketing and maximizing my following. I have an undying passion for connecting with people all over the world because there is just so much knowledge to glean from different peoples and cultures. So what have I done? Well, I’ve seen about half of the videos that Gary Vaynerchuk has put out. What have I put into practice? Absolutely nothing.

I want to be real with you; I am king of starting things that I don’t come close to finishing. As much as I want to change that about myself, it’s not a switch that I can just flip and become a new person. It’s a journey, and stamina is key.

Back on the social media treadmill. You’ll be seeing more of me. A lot more.

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