99 Days

We’re down to double digits, people. 99 days until Ms. Leigha Danielle Moine is Mrs. Alexander Kenneth Wiens.

Honestly though, to me, it feels as if we’ve been married for the last 2 years. We moved in together in December 2012. Our home: a 38 foot single wide trailer with no heater and no working bathroom. Luckily, the trailer was plopped on her parents’ property 20 feet from the kitchen door, so we had access to what was not provided the trailer.

We moved in together without a second thought. In fact, I made the decision to move in and actually did the moving in on the same day. My mom wasn’t too happy about that, but such is life.

We didn’t give two shits that we were living in a trailer. We were ecstatic that we could be together every day, and that was all we cared about. Now we live on our own in an apartment sealed off from the world.

As the big day approaches, all I really am is impatient. We’ve been engaged since April 16, 2014, and the wedding is on May 16, 2015. It feels like an eternity. I’m curious to know what changes once we’re officially committed to each other for eternity. We live together…we love each other a whole bunch…and we bicker like we’re married…I’m not sure there’s a lot that can change.

One thing is for sure; Leigha is the girl for me. She’s a perfect representation of a dream girl. And she’s my best friend. The last 3 and half years have been great, here’s to the next 80.


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